Jewelry display cabinets with jewelry store furniture

Jewelry display cabinets with jewelry store furniture

Jewelry display cabinets with jewelry store furniture for sale

Are you still looking for the right jewelry display cabinets? Please take a few minutes to view this, I believe you will feel satisfied. We are a kiosk manufacturer, and our products are customized by the client’s requirements. Don’t hesitate, our products are exactly what you are looking for!

 1. Specific details for jewelry display cabinets:

 1. Material: Plywood, stainless steel, acrylic, laminate, LED lights, spotlighting

2. Size Details: We are welcome customized design for the cabinet

3. Surface: Another color is available

4. Design: 3D design like the above pictures, we also welcome your own design

This store is a standard rectangle. So the most suitable furniture relies on the high jewelry display cabinets of the wall namely and the kiosk in the middle. They all show the jewelry. The high cabinets can put some models. So that the client can see the effect of the jewelry more directly.

We have our designer team, so you can tell me all your ideas and all the requirements of the furniture. We can according to your location size, your requirements and your machines to design the furniture you like. If you want to design, you can send us a reference picture, then we will know what type you like. We also can give you the estimated price. The final price is based on the final design, so it is very important and necessary to make a design at the beginning. It can help us confirm more details.

Design time: About 3-5 working days when confirming the design deposit. ( 500usd. when we place an order, it will be returned to you)

Production time: About 28 working days after confirming the order deposit and construction drawing.

Delivery time: It depends on your nearest port.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Cathy Zhang


Whatsapp/phone number: +86 13410683550

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