Lovely children’s clothing store design display racks for sale

Lovely children’s clothing store design display racks for sale

Lovely children’s clothing store design kid’s clothes shop furniture

Have you ever visited a children’s clothing store? Children’s things are always very cute, even children’s clothing stores are no exception. Attracting children’s attention is very simple. You just need to prepare something interested or cute. For children’s clothing store, you can start from the wall decoration and the display racks. You can choose the overall color of your shop first. Preferably a lighter color, and don’t choose a gloomy one. Or you can choose the color of your logo, and then the color of the display rack should be combined with the color of the store. Let me show you an example. Please take a look at the following lovely children’s clothing store.

Are you attracted to the moment you see it? Its colors are relatively bright colors, they look very comfortable. And are also the colors that children like. The display rack inside is in the shape of building blocks, which look like a small house. Whether it is the decoration of the lights or the stickers of the cloud, it can be seen that this is a children’s clothing store. When we want to do good business, we must know the store style that our target customers like. We can make a little shape for our display furniture. As we all know that furniture can be customized, so we can make any display of furniture we like.

How do we get store design and furniture?

  • If you have a shop and want to start it, then you can contact us and send us your shop floor plan. You can tell me what is your business, we can according to your business and your requirements to design your shop. We have a professional designer, they can help us to finish your shop design. And I am sure you can get a satisfactory design here. Our design fee is 500-800usd for a shop. When we place an order, it will be returned to you.
  • When confirming the design and the construction drawing, we will give you the price list. You can see the prices for all the furniture and decorations. Then you need to pay 50% order deposit. We start production. Production time is about 28 working days.
  • During the production, we will take you photos or video, you can track your goods all the time. When finish all the goods, you need to pay 50% balance payment. Then we will arrange the shipment. We can ship the goods to your port or door to door. You can give me your address. The delivery time is based on your nearest port.

If you still have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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