Low price man made stone counter bubble tea * juice kiosk

Low price man made stone counter bubble tea * juice kiosk

Low price man made stone counter bubble tea * juice kiosk

Do business is very popular now. Most people will choose industries with lower costs and greater market development space to start their businesses. The bubble tea business is one of them. Bubble tea is a drink that is free of time and place. We can have a cup of bubble tea anytime and anywhere to quench our thirst and relax. And bubble tea is not only popular among young people, many middle-aged people also like bubble tea. So are you interested in starting a business with bubble tea kiosk?

If you plan to start from the bubble tea industry, and only do a small business, the most appropriate is to build a bubble tea stand in the mall. Do you know how to make your bubble tea kiosk more better and unique? Here is a affordable and beautiful man made stone bubble tea * juice showcase this year. It can be used as a reference when you choose a bubble tea cabinet.

Bubble tea kiosk showing

bubble tea stand

This is a bubble tea showcase with a good lighting effect. Its size is 3×2.5m. As we can see the kiosk has many colored hollow-out luminous circles, 3D light logos and led light strips on the bottom. It makes the whole bubble tea kiosk very bright and beautiful.

Besides, the kiosk has a man made stone countertop. This is a common surface finish for food kiosk. And the man made stone countertop is very durable and easy to clean. It is quite useful for owner.

How to pack the kiosk

Because the distance is too far, customers can not ensure whether the showcase received after transportation were damaged. So the packaging is a concern for each merchant. Please rest assured. Our package is foam inside and wooden box outside. This is very effective to protect the kiosk.

  1. We will clean the whole kiosk and divide it into several parts for better delivery.
  2. Each part wrap with brushed film. And wrap the corners with corner cotton. This can prevent damage to the showcase.
  3. Wrap kiosk frame with thick foam cotton. And then put the packed showcase into a wooden box.
  4. Seal the wooden box to strengthen the protection of the showcase.

If you want to know more information about the bubble tea showcase, please freely contact us. We will help you figure it out, and can help you make a new bubble tea kiosk based on your demands.