Luxury Design Chocolate with Strawberries Kiosk for Shopping Mall

Luxury Design Chocolate with Strawberries Kiosk for Shopping Mall

How to build a chocolate with strawberries kiosk in shopping mall? This is a process that many people are confused about. Most people look for answers on Google, but they fail to find the right style, the right price and the real factory.

We are a true custom factory with more than 20 years of experience in this industry. We have completed thousands of mall kiosk projects and we understand the mall process very well. After the mall provides the dimensions, it needs kiosk’s 3D drawings to review the style, layout, materials, and circuit diagrams. We can provide these and send them to the mall for review.

So how to layout and choose a chocolate strawberries kiosk? I think everyone must very confused. In fact, just choose any design you like, add your own ideas, change it to your own creativity, and make it suitable for your daily work, that’s it. If you are too entangle, you will not able to proceed to the next step. Only by truly seeing the 3D design complete by your ideas can you know what needs to be modify.

chocolate with strawberries kiosk

Chocolate with Strawberries Kiosk

The chocolate with strawberries kiosk I recommend now is a very eye-catching design.
Size: 3 by 3 meters
Material: MDF with backing paint, stainless steel glass, light strip
Countertop: man-made stone
The most eye-catching thing about this product is the tall towers on the four corners. Two of them are hot melt chocolate waterfalls. There are transparent covers on the outside. Customers can see the chocolate waterfalls, which attracts customers to come and buy. And the transparent cover can make the chocolate more hygienic and effectively prevent dust. The other two have some fruit models inside, and good color matching can also arouse customers’ appetite.

There is a curved arch logo on the top, and the arch shape adds elegance to the kiosk. The logo uses the color of chocolate and the shape of a chocolate strawberry, which makes the image of kiosk even more cute. cabinet
The countertop is make of artificial stone, and there is a shape of melted chocolate under the countertop. This design better fits the theme of chocolate with strawberries kiosk.

So if you are looking for chocolate with strawberries kiosk, pls contact us to get more ideas.