Luxury eyebrow threading kiosk eyelashes extension kiosk building

Luxury eyebrow threading kiosk eyelashes extension kiosk building

Hi, everyone, i have another great product to introduce today. I am sure you’ve seen a lot of different eyebrow threading kiosks. But thery are all have different style and shape. The style that i want to introduce today is the beautiful eyebrow threading kiosk that encloses with vertical bar. This is not unique, but as long as the colors match properly, it looks like another feel. Without saying much, let’s get to the point .

3D Design

This kiosk is 5x3m, so the inside space is big. You can put more things. This kiosk is mainly for eyebrow and eyelash extension. There are three seating areas, an adjacent compartment is private. Rest area and cashier area. There is a hand wash tray in the corner. All the tools can be put in the cabinets. The layout inside is almost the same. The main appearance of the different , a good look can attract a lot of people. This kiosk have 2 color, red and orange. The bar in the corner of the cashier is shorter than the others. One hand is easy to work, on the other hand is looks like a sense of design. The side glass display can be your products. We all know logo and light box posters are essential. The important is the external design and inside layout. The exterior should be attractive and the interior can be deisgned as your needed. Let’s look at the real photos.

It looks gorgeous. The finish of the baking paint makes it look smooth and bright. We have our excellent design term to help you make the unique design. You just need to provide us your size and your favorite style picture, then we can according to your size and your requirements to deign a similar one. We have 10 years experiences to make the displays. We have formed the strict quality control system to ensure the good quality. We have our own factory so you can save your cost because of decrease of intermediate channel. Before shipping, we will pack them with foam inside and wood create outside to product the products from damage during the transportation and meanwhile, we will provide door to door transportation service.

Make a kiosk need 300USD design fee, but when we place an order, it will return to your balance paymet. Design time is about 2-3 days. If you want to change it, we will modified it until you are satisfied. Once we confirmed the design and technical drawing, we will start the production, production time is about 25 days. Transportation time is about one month.

Please contact us soon for more details.