Luxury jewelry shop furniture with wooden display showcase feedback

Luxury jewelry shop furniture with wooden display showcase feedback




Hello everyone !  i’m glad to share this jewelry shop for your meet here . Just a short time ago, I received the customer’s feedback . He was pleased with the whole cabinet and took pictures of the scene for me . it’s very nice and bright . I have to say I really like the style of the whole store . let’s see more details about this project . 


1. Detailed introduction of the jewelry shop interior furniture:


You can see whole store is very modern ,Very clean and tidy , whole store is 100sqm , it’s a square shape .  mainly for selling jewelry , watch , glasses . mainly material is flame retardant MDF , surface is white and baking painting finished . tempered glass display showcase with hidden led light strip.  the front part of whole store with a big glass showcase , client can direct aw interior furniture and service . so here we using Short  display stand . put jewelry showcase and glasses model showcase . Not only effectively use the space, but also maintain the overall beauty and experience .




1)watch display stand  :


The left sides of this shop with 2400mm high wall display cabinet , mainly for showing watch .On the top is a brown wooden square, which can be customized by the customer, and the brand name of the watch can be placed. If you want to change later, it is also very convenient . at below is a two-tier display window,We use curved corners to make it look elegant . inside install led spotlight ,Give sufficient light to illuminate the watch model . To prevent customer direct contact with the watch, we added glass doors and locks, It doesn’t affect the aesthetics in the least .At the bottom is a row of cabinets , can for storage . 





2) glasses display stand  :