Made in China customized design ice cream kiosk for sale

Made in China customized design ice cream kiosk for sale

Made in China customized design ice cream kiosk for sale

Hi friend, welcome to visit our website. I am happy you are ready to start ice cream business with ice cream showcase. Our website has many unique and popular ice cream kiosks. You can choose your favorite style from they, then please feel free to tell us. We will customize a beautiful and exclusive ice cream showcase for you with your requirements. Now let us appreciate the following distinctive red ice cream kiosk.

Specifications of ice cream showcase

Product Nameice cream kiosk
SizeAs your location size
Materialsplywood, laminate, artificial stone, tempered glass, acrylic, stainless steel, LED light
Accessorieslockers, keys, hinges, cupboards, etc
Colorred, white, yellow, brown, any color welcomed
Usageice cream showcase, bubble tea showcase, frozen yogurt showcase
Surface Finishlaminated , artificial surface
Design3D Max renderings of ice cream showcase

Advantages of ice cream kiosk

  1. Professional design team for you to make 3D renderings of ice cream showcase.
  2. Skilled and meticulous workers make high quality ice cream showcase for you
  3. Produced by our direct factory. And provide you with more competitive and reasonable price
  4. Our OEM/ODM service can meet your specific needs
  5. The delivery time can be guaranteed

ice cream shop

This is a greatly individual ice cream showcase with a top. The size of this showcase is 2.5m by 2.5m. And red and brown are the main color of the kiosk. The red pillars and the yellow light box like lanterns look very Chinese style. Of course, there are some food poster light boxes, snowflakes and window grilles on the outside of the showcase. They are so special and beautiful!

In addition, the showcase has a durable and easy-to-clean stone countertop. And there is a POS machine for checkout, some ice cream machines, a sink on the countertop. It also includes a layer of frosted glass that resembles a baffle. And next to the POS machine is a glass display case for cake. 

ice cream showcase

Do you want to make an ice cream showcase like this? Actually, making an outstanding and attractive ice cream showcase is very important and helpful for your business. Because people first see the appearance of the showcase. And then know your products and services.

In order to know more about your products and make a good impression for clients, it is better to customize an ice cream kiosk. When you need to custom the showcase, welcome to contact us at will. We are happy to help you.