Made in China frozen yogurt kiosk Food Kiosk For Sale / ice cream kiosk in the mall

Made in China frozen yogurt kiosk Food Kiosk For Sale / ice cream kiosk in the mall




1. Body: Plywood covered with HPL laminate.

    The HPL laminates we used are of Brand, like Formica, Wilsonart, Vaco, MG. HPL contains lot kinds for you to choose from, like high glossy and normal, with patterns and pure color, etc.

    For food kiosks, the combination of plywood and HPL laminate is perfect.

2. Cabinets and drawers. Normally, under the countertop, it is designed as cabinets or drawer for stuff storage. For resisting moisture, inside the cabinet and drawers, it decorated with HPL.

    Hinge and trackers are equipped.

3. Man-made stone countertop. High quality man-made stone countertop ensures good usage experiences. It is easy to clean, also of good chemical stability.

4. Advertising equipment-painting light boxes. The poster inside the boxes can be changed as you like. And it is easy to operate. It is made of two layer acrylic panels,

    one is for light homogenizing and another is for poster fixation. For large painting light boxes, fluorescent lamps, T4/T5, are used for illumination. For small and thin one, LED strip is used.

5. Water sink and tankers. It is made of high quality stainless steel, durable and nice looking. Its size and style can be customized.

6. Glass fence. It is made of frosted tempered glass and hot bending glass. For corner or non-linear site, hot bending glass will be used.

7. Bottom protection- kicking. The part is for kiosk or collision preventing, good for bottom protection.

8. Glass Display case.

9. Acrylic Logo. Its shape can be customized as your logo. When power on, it can be illuminated. Its color also can be customized.