Made in China wooden shopping mall ice cream kiosk with high quality

Made in China wooden shopping mall ice cream kiosk with high quality

Made in China wooden shopping mall ice cream kiosk with high quality

As we all know, different materials use for different mall kiosks. And have different effect. Such as MDF and plywood. And plywood is a common base material use for making food kiosks. Today I will introduce a wooden ice cream kiosk with high quality in the mall to you.

Introducing ice cream kiosk

This is a very popular wooden ice cream showcase with a top in the mall. Its size is 3x3m. And the kiosk’s base material is plywood, venner as the surface material. So we can find this wooden ice cream showcase has a very beautiful texture and natural appearance.

Otherwise, it also is a full functional ice cream kiosk. On the one hand, this kiosk has two sinks, some machiens, some storage cabinets. These are helpful for workers to make ice cream. On the other hand, the showcase has some posters lightboxes, acrylic logo, a big glass display cabinet for food and a cashier register. So customers can easily learn about products and buy them. 

ice cream shop

Do you like this popular and practical wooden ice cream kiosk? If you want to make a wooden ice cream showcase to start your business, please tell us at will. We will help you customize a unique ice cream stand based on your requirements.

Also, I believe customers has a concern before ordering. That is how to assemble the ice cream showcase. Please don’t worry. Next I will tell you the details about installing the ice cream stand. It is pretty easy for everyone to do it.

The details about assemble

Firstly, the ice cream showcase will be separated into several parts, and each parts will be paked individually. Then when making packing, we will mark 1.2.3… on the wooden carton. So after you received the kiosk, just need to put them together in order, connect the wires between the counters in each part. Eventually, connect the main wire to a local power source. Then the ice cream kiosk can work. It’s very easy, right?