cellphone accessories showcase custom mobile phone stand

cellphone accessories showcase custom mobile phone stand

Cellphone accessories showcase custom mobile phone stand

Good morning. Welcome to our website. Today’s good product is the cellphone accessories showcase. You are all familiar with them. We often see them in shopping malls or mobile phone stores. With the popularity of mobile phones, mobile phone accessories are becoming more and more popular. Such as data cable or mobile phone case, mobile phone case style is rich, is also the most common mobile phone accessories in the street. Are you also in this line of work? If you want to build a kiosk in the mall. You can make a design first. We can look at this one.


We can see this kiosk is almost glass display, its size is very small. This is suitable for a new business. There is a working area can be used to repair mobile phones. You can show your product anywhere else. This kiosk size is 8x6ft, it is made of MDF and baking paint. Glass we use tempered glass. And stainless steel kick foot. We also provide light logo and lightbox posters, you can show your brand and the picture of your product. If you are interested in this kiosk’s design, you can tell me what size you need. We can help you to design it.

Our company has been in existence for nearly ten years. We are a professional mall kiosks manufacturer. Our designer and production workers have more than 10 years of working experience. We are sure to provide you with high-quality products. Our working process is to make the design first. Because we can confirm more details and you can send the design to the mall for approval. After approval, we can start production. Our price is based on the material, size, and style, so we can know the exact price after finish the design. Our design time is about 3 working days when confirming the design deposit, about 300usd. It will be returned to you when we place an order. Production time is about 28 working days when confirming the construction drawing. If you have any questions, please contact us. We can talk about more details.