Modern design style nice bubble tea kisok in mall with led light

Modern design style nice bubble tea kisok in mall with led light

Modern design style nice bubble tea kisok in mall with led light

Making a bubble tea kiosk in the mall is different from a street shop outside. You can ready to make a kiosk and start business when you got a mall location. And the kiosk needs to meet requirements of mall. If you are going to open a bubble tea kiosk in the mall, this article is helpful to you.

Bubble tea kiosk introduction

This is a white and purple bubble tea kiosk. A square and four round light boxes make up the top of the kiosk, which is very special and attractive. The front of the showcase is a three-story glass display case. Besides displaying different flavors of bubble tea, this glass case can also display cakes if you want.

On the right is the cash register, where people can talk and pay. At the back is the work counter. A sink and some machines are set here for better usage. The bottom is stainless steel and has a hidden led light strip. It looks very bright.

Showing the 3D design

The 3D design allows us to see every part of the bubble tea kiosk clearly. If you also want to make a design like this, feel free to tell us your specific requirements. Includes size, style, logo, color, etc. Then we will start designing based on these requirements. And the design takes about 3-5 working days.

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How much does it cost to start a bubble tea business

Location rental cost. The first step of starting business is to find a good location. And you need to pay for it.

Bubble tea showcase cost. Usualy, the cost of bubble tea stand is based on size, style, and material. The common sizes of bubble tea showcases are 3x3m, 4x3m, and 5x2m. And the base material used for making food kiosks is plywood.

Raw material and equipment cost. Before starting business, you need to buy the right amount of raw materials and related equipment for making bubble tea. Such as bubble tea powder, fresh fruit, cream, various sugars. And sealing machine, freezer, fresh-keeping cabinet, etc.

Business operation cost. Before opening, you need to recruit staff and advertise your bubble tea showcase. During this period, some labor costs and publicity costs will be needed. And to make sure the normal running of bubble tea kiosk, you’ll need to set aside some extra money.