Modern office reception desk wooden front counter for sale

Modern office reception desk wooden front counter for sale

Modern office reception desk wooden front counter for sale

Regardless of any store, company, or mall, the front desk is essential. We need it to receive customers, register cash, and fill in the information. It can represent the image of an entire company, the style of the front desk is the style of the company. We tend to customize reception desks that match our company’s image. The reception desk looks good and professional, and customers will trust us more. We can often see many special-shaped reception desks, they look attractive, today I want to introduce you to a modern office reception desk. Let’s look at its design pictures.

This front desk is relatively simple, there are drawers and cabinets to store things. You can put your company’s logo on it. And light logo looks better. You can choose the color you like. If you want to make it more beautiful, you can add a light belt outside the desk.

Modern office reception desk details

Size: 2x2x1.15m(Total height, floor to desk height is 0.9m)

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Logo: Acrylic light logo

Kick foot: Stainless steel

Others: Light strip, lock, key

We have our designer team and factory. If you want to custom your office reception desk, you can contact us. We can according to your size and your requirements to design, and put your logo on it.

This is its production photos. It looks beautiful, right? This one is about 1800USD. We can customize the front desk of various shapes. If you have a front desk picture you like, you can send it to us. We can customize a similar or the same one according to the type you like. Our production time is about 15 working days, and we can ship to your country. The delivery time depends on your nearest port. If you have any questions, please contact me.

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