Most popular food shop furniture yogurt kiosk for sale

Most popular food shop furniture yogurt kiosk for sale

Most popular food shop furniture yogurt kiosk for sale

Yogurt is a kind of sweet and sour milk drink, it is a kind of milk product which is made of from milk as raw material, pasteurized and then added the beneficial bacterial to the milk. at present most of the yogurt products on the market are solidified , stirred, and added with various fruit juice jams and other fruit flavors.

Whether adults or children everyone likes to eat yogurt .that’s why there are more and more businessman are set up yogurt business in a retail shop or mall kiosk .

OK ,Let’s see the details of this yogurt kiosk for sale to you now.the whole shop size is 10 ft by 10 ft.The main material which we use plywood with white and green laminate.about its design as you can see. it looks very confortable match white and green the front there is main selling section with topping display for different flavors you can choose. in the left there display a ice cream machine to add shop sales . and in the back of the kiosk , this is the main working counter. that customer buy some juice maker and coffee machine and some food machines as your business .and on the right of the kiosk there is a double sink to wash your hands or cleanout.this design really very outstanding and attractince when display the shopping mall . as there are 4 big 3D acrylic led LOGO around . it will makes customers to remeber your shop shortly.

How to make order with us ?

1.first you have your shop size and favorite design. just send inquiry to us and then our sales will tell you.

2.based on your shop size make design ,time around 3-5 working day

3.once you got the drawings and confirmed and we will offer the price to you later.if you accept the price . and pay 50 % order deposit to start the furniture production . the production time around 22 working day

4.we will send the production update image to you from time to time.once finished you need pay the 50 % balance and shipping cost based on final packing size .

5.finally arrange the shipping and after sales service.