Multifunction Beauty salon manicure shop with eyelash station design

Multifunction Beauty salon manicure shop with eyelash station design

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Nowadays , beauty service is become more and more popular in America ,  French  , Australia , China and Canada etc. such as manicure , pedicure , eyelash extension , hairstyle , teeth whitening etc . today i wanna introduce a maltifunction beauty salon shop for your meet . it’s very modern and elegance , hope it’s hepful for your salon business . 


1.Let’s see this shop layout first . 


You will notice this kiosk layout is very simple and comfortable . whole store measure is about 100sqm ,it approaches the rectangle ,I have to say this location is really good . the front part of this kiosk with a main entrance .Next to it are two rows of skincare display cases and an experience table . the right sides with a waiting area  and three  small room. can used for massage and facial care.the left sides with two pedicure station .  

In The middle of this shop with a big bar with four eyebrow threading station and six hair cutting station , with mirror and beauty lamp . the back sides with nail bar with four seating , left sides with a wall display showcase for nail polish .In the middle of the back sides is a small reception desk for collecting money. back sides with a feature wall Have logo and light box, it’s very bright . 



2.More HD images about this salon store . 




3.Material introduce for whole manicure shop . 


We use fire-retardant MDF as the main base material for all the furniture in the shop, surface is 2 PAC painting finished . wooden display shelves hidden white led light strip ,  led light box with skin care pictures . wooden cabinet with lock for storage , the bottom is stainless steel toe kick with yellow led light . for the eyelash extension station , we also match mirror and beauty lamp . we also instal