New design cosmetic kiosk/cosmetic display kiosk

New design cosmetic kiosk/cosmetic display kiosk

 New design cosmetic kiosk / cosmetic display  kiosk / cosmetic kiosk for sale

                                       All design is free,free,free!

Step1 The material of the cosmetic kiosk

1. MDF:  it is very smooth in the surface of the MDF,so it is very easy to have the baking paint cover it.

2.Baking paint: It makes cosmetic kiosk more attrctive. It is very smooth and shining. And  it is scratch -resistance.

3.Tempered glass: It is more durable. More important is that even it was broken, it won’t  break into pieces. And will not hurt people.

4.LED light: Make your cosmetic kiosk more shining and beautiful.

Step2 Contact terms

1.Contact person: Dora Deng

2.Contact information:QQ 2513204192

                                    Skype uniquekiosk23


Step3 the features of cosmetic kiosk

1) Provide Professional & Creative 3DMAX Design 

2) ODM and OEM needs can be catered

3) Easy to Assemble in 5-10 minutes

4) Nontoxic& environmentally& friendly 

5) Factory manufacturer direct sale

6) Standard products for supermarket mall and store