New style best coffee kiosk for a best price

New style best coffee kiosk for a best price

               New style best coffee kiosk for a best price

Hey, friend. Welcome to our webssite. I’m glad you are interested in this kind of food kiosk. This is a 4.8m by 3m coffee kiosk with a roof. Its color is white, blue and brown. And the material of this kiosk is plywood, tempered glass, stainless steel, marble stone. From the real image, we can see the kiosk has a three layers glass display cabinet for food, a cashier register, a double-sink, some machiens on the countertop.

In addition, there are some storage cabinets under the countertop. So we can place some items to them. It is very practical. And this kiosk has 3D luminous logos, a lawn decoration. It is very special and beautiful.

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Our company is the one of the best manufacturers in China for over 10 year’s experience. We can design and customize various kinds of food kiosks based on your requirements. Do you know how to make a food kiosk design? The following is the steps of making the coffee kiosk design.

The steps of making the coffee kiosk design

  1. Please feel free to tell me some ideas about the coffee showcase. For example, what size of kiosk you need, what style you prefer, if need to add your logo, what needs about material, etc.
  2. After confirming the details about coffee showcase, we are ready to make a design for you. And before it, you need to pay 300usd design fee. And the design fee will deduct from the total cost when you place an order in our factory.
  3. We start designing when we received the design fee. And the design will take 3-5 working days. Of course, if you need to make some changes for the design, we also modify it soon for you. 
  4. After finishing the design, we send you to check. And you also can provide it to the mall for review.
  5. When you confirmed and liked the design, and got the mall approval. We will make a construction drawing with detail size and material for you.
  6. Finally, when you confirmed the construction drawing, we start production.

These are the detailed steps of making a coffee showcase design. If you want to have a special and beautiful coffee kiosk, please contact us soon. Then we will help you design and manufacture what coffee kiosk you want based on your needs.