Creative design body care mall massage kiosk for sale

Creative design body care mall massage kiosk for sale

With economic development and living standards,people have become a kins of health consumption. Massage is not only done with illness,but daily preventive care has become a good choice.

At the same time, life pressure is getting bigger and bigger, and many people especially office workers need to relax in their free time. and massage industry happens to be a kind of relaxation.

When you go shipping around you will see there are many massage kiosk or massage chairs in shippings Today we would like to share one of very unique design massage kiosk to you.

This massage kiosk diameter is 3m, and it has 4 massage station around the circle. it is very different from normaly square or rectangular shape, its design is round shape, the whole kiosk is curved is very unique design ,right ? Then see the color, it used light blue match white, the whole design looks very attractive and makes you much more confortable.on the left and right side of each massage there are many cabinets for storage and display area for products display. and in front of each station there is a TV ,when customers enjoying the massage they can also watch tv to relax .

Are you still worrry about how to make your shop kiosk, pls feel free to contact our sales. our team will offer our professional solution to you according your request. Shenzhen Unique custom furniture factoy is Specialized in different mall kiosk or shop furniture like salon for massage, nail ,eyebrow ,hair cutting .if you have any ideas and problem pls feel free to contact us.

How to work with us when you start your massage kiosk project ?

1.First tell us your shop size or layout of your shop ideas.normally for kiosk design ,our customer need pay USD 300 design fee ,but we will reduce from your order deposit,it means we make design for you freely.

2.Second we will start the design within 3-5 working day after you paid the design fee.

3.Third once you confirmed the design or approved by the mall ,we offer the price to you of the kiosk .if you agreed and then you need pay 50 % deposit before production

4.Fourth paid the 50% balance before shipping and once got the deposit and then arrange the shipping for you asap .