Newest USA popular food retail mall shop doughnut kiosk

Newest USA popular food retail mall shop doughnut kiosk

Good morning my dear friends , Happy Thanksgiving Day wish you have good sales during this holiday. Today I would like to share one of newest custom hot food doughnut kiosk design to you.Do you like eating doughnut? For me I like it very much .

here give some information of doughnut to you.Donuts, also known as donuts and donuts, are sweets that are fried with flour, caster sugar, cream and eggs. The two most common shapes for donuts are hollow rings, or closed donuts with sweet fillings such as cream and egg syrup (a liquid made from eggs) in the dough.

Donuts are still the most popular dessert in the United States, and they are available at any pastry shop or fast food restaurant. From 5-year-olds to 75-year-olds have a consistent love for it. In Asia, donuts are mainly used as snacks, but in the United States, many people use donuts as a staple food for breakfast, and even set up a “donut day”.

Well since the donuts is so popular in the world. if set up a donuts business that will be the good choice. now let’s see this newest mall shop doughnut kiosk 3D drawings as below:

As we can see this newest mall shop doughnut kiosk. it looks like a donuts show with different shapes and tastes. The whole shop size is 12*10 ft. It is made plywood with wood veneer. this material looks more high end and classical. Normally for food kiosk which we used plywood with different color laminate based on your need .and some are made of MDF with baking paint. if you prefer cheaper price. Different material with different price. If you have more budget for your shop.wood veneer is a good choice. This design is made from our own designer team.we based on the customer color,logo,material,design request ,logo to make design.front and back size there are mainly 3 layer tempered glass to display donuts to show the customers.and left size which are water and door.the right size is mainly cashier counter. In order to make customers to remember their brand name we help to design the shop logo image for each side.

 Do you like the same design of this mall shop doughnut kiosk, if you have any interested and problems pls feel free to contact our sales.our team will offer our professional solution to you .