Newly Deisgned China low cost juice kiosk with bar in the mall

Newly Deisgned China low cost juice kiosk with bar in the mall

Newly Deisgned China low cost juice kiosk with bar in the mall

Do you like to drink juice? Fruit juice is rich in nutrition, excellent taste, beauty to raise colour. And can combine with other fruits into a new taste. Because these, it is popular with young people and children. If you start juice business with a juice kiosk and rent a good place, you will have plenty of clients and be successful.

Here is a newly designed juice kiosk with a bar for your reference. I hope it can help you to have some new decorative ideas for juice showcase.

Design image showjuice showcase

This is a juice showcase design according to our customer’s requirements. Its size is 4m by 3m, and it matches the mall location of customers. Before starting it, our customer tell us some ideas about juice showcase. She needs a cash register, a sink, some machines for making juice on the counter, some light boxes with juice pictures and glowing logos. She thinks this will not only facilitate her work but also attract more clients for her.

Apart from these, she hope the kiosk has a bar with a few wooden chairs. So customers can sit and taste juice with friends here. Also, she prefers to make a stone countertop. She says it will be more easier to clean and make kiosk more durable. So we design this juice showcase according to her ideas. Also, for safety reasons, we made the curved corners. It makes the kiosk look very special. And our customer also likes it very much. Do you like this juice kiosk design?

juice shop

How long to get a juice kiosk

In addition to packaging and installing showcase concerns, I believe many people also concern about how long to get a juice kiosk I want. In fact, the total time of getting a juice showcase = juice stand design time + building a juice showcase time + shipping time. The specific time is as follows:

  • Usually, making a juice kiosk design will take 3-5 working days.
  • Producing a juice showcase needs 25-28 working days.
  • As for the shipping time, it depends on your destination port and mode of transportation