Newly deisgn made in China teeth whitening kiosk for sale

Newly deisgn made in China teeth whitening kiosk for sale

Newly deisgn made in China teeth whitening kiosk for sale

It’s well known that fresh, clean teeth are a plus for your smile and can instantly win a partner’s favor. And oral health can not neglect. So now more and more people pay attention to the whitening of the teeth. It’s like we can see all kinds of beautiful teeth whitening kiosk full of people in the mall. Do you want to start the teeth whiten business?

If you have this intention, the following newly design teeth whitening showcase will be helpful for you.

Newly design teeth whitening kiosk

  • Size: 3x4m(customized by your needs)
  • Color: white and red(customized by your favorite)
  • Material: MDF baking paint, acrylic logo, led light strips, spotlights
  • Style: modern and fashional
  • Usage place: shopping mall, teeth whitening store

From a top view, this is a teeth whitening kiosk with a white net top. It has working areas on both sides and aisles in the middle. One side starts with a white checkout counter. And behind it are three counters for serving customers. The other side starts with a sitting area. When business is booming, some customers can sit and wait in the lounge area. Behind the rest area are also three counters for customers.

In addition, we made some light boxes and logos on the exterior of the teeth whitening showcase. We can also make a TV for you if you need. So that your teeth whitening kiosk will be even more attractive. This is a newly design according to our customers’ requirements. Do you like it?

teeth whiten showcase

How to install this kiosk

This is a white lacquered teeth whitening showcase. Usually, after finishing the baking paint, we will start to install the whole kiosk in the factory. We will install illuminated poster light boxes, logos, some LED light strips and so on. When the installation is complete, we’ll take some pictures and show you what the kiosk looks like in action. Then it is divided into several parts for packaging.

When you receive the teeth whitening showcase, just open all the packages and connect each part together according to the detailed design drawing. Finally, connect the wires to the kiosk and the local power supply, and you can use it directly.

Do you want to make a teeth whitening showcase like this? Ukiosks can help you. So please do not hesitate to contact us soon. And feel free to tell us all of your ideas about the teeth whitening kiosk. Then we will make a unique teeth whitening kiosk for you according to your ideas.