Newly deisgned candy display kiosk & sweet showcase for sale 

Newly deisgned candy display kiosk & sweet showcase for sale 

Newly Deisgned candy display kiosk & sweet showcase for sale

The candy business has become more and more popular in recent years. Whether it is a supermarket or a large shopping mall, we can see all kinds of candy sales. Many candy merchants rent a good location to sell candy at the beginning. This location can be large, such as a candy store. And it can also be small. For example, 1.2×2.4m, 2x3m, 3x3m. In fact, the size of the location depends on your budget. If you are doing a candy business for the first time, and worry about the candy market, making a candy kiosk first will be your best choice.

Today I will share with you a newly designed candy display kiosk in the mall. This candy showcase is very unique and hot sale. And we just shipped it to the United States two weeks ago. Let’s learn more about it.

Newly designed candy display kiosk in the mall

First of all, from the shape of this candy showcase, it is different from the usual square candy showcase. It’s curved. The arc surrounded by multiple candy boxes and colorful candy. It makes the whole candy showcase look beautiful and attactive.

And besides some candy boxes, the kiosk also contains two glass display cases, a refrigerator and a cash register. So customers can buy not only candy, but also cakes and drinks. It’s so special and versatile. At the same time, curved tops with glowing logos and light boxes also attract customers’ attention very much. Do you like this special and beautiful candy display showcase?

candy showcasecandy display kioskcandy stand

If you want to make a candy kiosk like this to start your business, please feel free to contact us. We are a professional candy kiosks manufacturer. We have an excellent design team and highly skilled workers. And we can design and manufacture a candy showcase you like for you with your needs.