Nice design hot dog & beverage cart for sale / removable food cart

Nice design hot dog & beverage cart for sale / removable food cart

Nice design hot dog & beverage cart for sale / removable food cart

Do you like hot dogs? Hot dogs are a snack food. And it is popular among the public because of its convenience and low price. For example, we can buy a hot dog to appease our hunger or serve as a snack at a party, visit, watch a game or travel. Also, we can buy hot dogs anywhere. If you are interested in the hot dog business and want to start a small business, I think a hot dog cart would be perfect. Just like the below hot dog & beverage cart.

Hot dog & beverage cart displayhot dog display

As we can see, this is a street cart that sells hot dogs and drinks. Because there are some hot dog machines and a drink machine on the countertop. Also there is a drink machine under the counter. The size of this cart is 1500mm length, 600mm width, 2000m height. And the basic material is stainless steel, surface with a sticker and logo. Also we can notice it has a red and yellew top. It is very nice and attractive. And it is very convenient for you to push it wherever you want.

How to build an outdoor food cart

When you confirmed the construction drawing and paid the production deposit, we can prepare the materials and start production. Firstly, we will make the cart model. And it needs about 3-8 days. Secondly, we will make the surface treatment and hidden wires inside the cart if needed. It will take about 5-7 days. Thirdly, install the cart well. It includes wheels, locked doors, ceiling and sockets. It needs about 5 days. In this step, you can view how it looks like in real life.

Before shipping, we will clean and package the cart, and it needs 2 days. At the same time, we will take some photos and videos to you. Allow you check everything is right. Then we will arrange the delivery for you.

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