NYS sunglasses kiosk in shopping mall

NYS sunglasses kiosk in shopping mall

NYS sunglasses kiosk in shopping mall

Specification of sunglasses kiosk

  1. Pproduct name : sunglasses kiosk  in shopping mall.
  2. Kiosk size : 4000*3000*2200mm (different size shipped to different country).
  3. Main material : MDF ply wood , tempered glass ,acrylic logo , stainless steel ,and metal accessories.
  4. Kiosk brand : NYS for USA.
  5. Design : the designed and builder from shenzhen Unique kiosk company.

Production show for NYS sunglasses kiosk as below:


How to place order the sunglasses kiosk with us:

NYS sunglasses kiosk in shopping mall

Step 1.Initial talk with our salesman and send your real demands of your shop or house.

Step 2.Arrange our designer to start to All-In-One service.

Step 3.Customer charge design fee after approval plan.

Step 4.Products design and make out drawing to customer confirm all of the construction drawing.

Step 5.Confirm PI and do production schedule after received deposit.

Step 6:Delivery the goods after all the pictures to be checked by customers and balance received.