OEM mobile phone accessories retail kiosk | display stand with phone model |for sale

OEM mobile phone accessories retail kiosk | display stand with phone model |for sale

The mobile phone is one of the indispensable tools for us now. When we go out, we use it to navigate, when we go shopping, we use it to pay, when we want to relax, we can use it to listen to music or watch TV, when we want to study, we can use it to look up information. The most important thing is that it is easy to carry. Anyway, it has many functions, as its accessory mobile phone accessories, it’s also very popular. Because of its repaid development, mobile phone accessories are not only sold in stores, but also in kiosks in shopping malls. Today I will introduce you to a mobile phone accessories kiosk.


This kiosk with small size, so the space inside is quite narrow, it can just accommodate two people commonly. This kiosk can only show mobile phone accessories and repair the mobile phone. It has two work areas. It also has some decorations like a lightbox poster. The phone model should be the most iconic. If you don’t have large, you can design the kiosk like this one. It looks simple, but it can also help you work well.

We have our designer team, so you can tell me all your ideas and all the requirements of the kiosk. We can according to your location size, your requirements and your machines to design the kiosk you like. The above design is according to the reference picture sent to us by the customer. We provide the design drawing and construction drawing, when we finish, you can take it to your mall for review.

When you want to design, you can send us a reference picture, then we will know what type you like. We also can give you the estimated price. The final price is based on the final design, so it is very important and necessary to make a design at the beginning. It can help us confirm more details. If you have your designer, you do it by yourself, if you don’t have a design, we can help you make it.

This kiosk size is 3.3×2.1m. Material is MDF and baking paint, glass is tempered glass, we will install the light logo and lightbox poster. Of course, include the phone model. Let’s look at the production photos.

Considering the transportation problem, we had to split the kiosk into several parts. When packing, there are several wooden cases. When you receive the goods, you can put them together according to the location of the design drawing. Then connect the wires, and connect the power to the mall, it can work. So this process is very easy. Whether it is the sink, the logo, lightbox or the socket, we’ve already installed it. This kiosk is ship to France, so the socket we use the France standard. We will follow the standard of your country, so it is safe to use.

We are a professional mall kiosk manufacturer if you are interested in our products, please contact us and tell me your space size and your requirements.

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  • December 24, 2019