Outdoor boutique container shop customize container shop interior furniture

Outdoor boutique container shop customize container shop interior furniture

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Anyone who reads the title will know that today’s article is about container shop. Every big boss here is familar with containers. Containers are essential for exporting goods. So it has a certain capacity. Generally speaking, the common container has several sizes. 20′, 40′ feet, 40’HQ and 45′. You can choose the appropriate container according to the size and quantity of your goods. The more goods, the bigger the container. Just like you open a shop, the more products you have, the better your business, then you can choose a large container. Coversely, if you just want to open a small shop, you can choose 20 feet container. What about the container shop looks like? Today we will use the boutique container shop as an example to introduce what a container store looks like.

Reference Diagram

We can see that the appearance is exactly the same as the container. It is just that container stores have more doors. Each container shop has a system of hydraulic rods that fold the floor at the touch of the bottom. It’s a wall, a door and a floor. Sunshade can be set on the top. Sometime it provides shelter from the sun and rain. Inside top is some led light. It can illuminate the container shop at night. When you stop working, You can lock all the doors and don’t worry the inside goods. It is very safe in outdoors.

Inside decoration you can accoridng to your products to deisgn the display cabinet or shelf. We can see this container inside, there have many toys,masks and dolls. We will design the display cabinet according to your products. For example, masks. We can design some grilles to hang them. Lovely display cabinet for rabbit dolls. If it’s a coffee shop[, we can design a bar counter in it, if it’s a clothes store, we can design some display high cabinet or aluminum slot board hook to display clothing. So the container shop are apply for any business. We just need to design furniture that matches your business.

This boutique container shop size is 20ft. Its structure are channel steel structure (galvanized), insulated sandwich panels and fiberglass. It’s very durable materials. It can survive in harsh conditions. So it’s perfect for outdoor business. It has a very long life. If you are interested in container shop, you can tell me your business and your ideas. We can build your favorite container shop together.