Outdoor durable food kiosk manufacturer outdoor retail store for sale

Outdoor durable food kiosk manufacturer outdoor retail store for sale

Hello, everyone. Today i want to introduce a very useful products——outdoor durable food kiosk. It looks like a samll house. It also can put many things and it’s cost are low. You can get a very useful kiosk for a small amount of money. We all know mall rent are higher, and it’s hard to get a mall location. So many people choose to make a outdoor kiosk. It is like a moving house, you can turn it off it at night and open it in the morning. Let’s look at its design first.

3D Design pictures

It looks very cute right? This one is a little large, its size is 5×2.2×2.4m. We need to control the kiosk width because we need to ship it in the containers. This outdoor kiosk is tends to be girlish. The kiosk top is some flower shape decoration. Rain shelter can provide customers with the sun or rain shelter.And the countertop is use stone, very durable and smooth. You can put some machines or products in the counter. Inside is some ice cream machines, they put in the ground directly. If you have this big size machine, you need to provide us their size, so we can design space to them. The inside top is some light box or tv. You can choose the one you like. They all can use be menu list or some products pictures. The back side is some light cloud shape posters. We can make any shape you like to use be decoration and propaganda posters.

Production photos

The front door is use roller shutter and the both side door is use folding door. Right side have also have 2 ice cream and candy pictures. It can show this outdoor kiosk have this products.

This kiosk outside material are metal framework and baking paint. The metal frame makes the kiosk stronger. Inside is use MDF and baking paint. The inside top have many led light. So they give the kiosk enough light. Wall cabinet can put some tools or some accessories. If you want to make a outdoor kiosk, you can tell us the size you want to do and tell us what machines do you have. We can according to your situation to deisgn the kiosk. It is completely tailored to your business. It can meet all your requirements. So you come to the a better place. We are professional kiosks manufacturer. We have our own factory and designers and must can give you the best service. Let’s take a look at the customer feedback photos.

Feedback photos

All of our products price are based on the final design. So different size and style have different price. If you have any questions, please contact us when you are free. You also can give us some suggest if you thinkit’s better. Looking forward to your reply.