Outdoor hot sell mobile hot dog cart hot dog cart for sale hot dog cart

Outdoor hot sell mobile hot dog cart hot dog cart for sale hot dog cart

  We are professional customized food cart / kiosk manufacture with 7 years experience,if you have favorite style food cart pictures ,please send me ,we can product similar for you . If you don’t like this food cart color ,shape ,it doesn’t matter ,our design can make a 3 d design change into your favorite color and shape .Of course ,if you want this cart smaller or bigger ,we can produce your want size .



1.  Are we industrial company?

Yes! We are manufacturer and have our own design team.


2.  Where are we located?

No.6A Factory, Zhukeng the 1st Industrial Zone, Pingshan New District, Shenzhen


3.  Is the design for free?

Yes! The sum of money you paid for the design will be returned and offset the payment.


4.  OEM/ODM?

Yes! We support OEM and ODM.


Specification of food cart,mobile food cart ,hot dog cart


Chassis : integral steel frame construction and suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coating.


Body: Fiberglass shell, the middle layer is thermal isolation,veneer board and the internal wall is aluminum composite panel of High quality . a Service window (-) in the front, one Ventilation Outlet and one door, stainless steel countertops, completed water system.


Flooring: Non-slip flooring(aluminum)with drain, easy to clean up.