Outdoor yogurt display kiosk | street smoothies booth for sale

Outdoor yogurt display kiosk | street smoothies booth for sale

As we all know, outdoor yogurt display kiosk is becoming more and more popular. People can pay less to buy a kiosk-like shop. It can work as a normal store. The kiosk inside will put a counter, you can put your machines, and we will provide the sockets for your machines to run. A mobile kiosk gives us more room to grow. And we can change our sales position at any time. We can often see all kinds of kiosks by the sea or the snack street. Their business is very hot. Today I will introduce you to an outdoor yogurt display kiosk.


This kiosk size is 3x2m, it uses a shutter door. It is durable in outdoor. This outdoor kiosk includes the inside counter, light logo, lightbox posters , outlets, and the led light.  You can put a few chairs outside where your customers can rest and buy your products. As we all know, there are more customers in the kiosk with the rest area. Because when we eating, we prefer to sit and enjoy the food. We can install wheels under the kiosk so that we can move it easily.

We have done a lot of outdoor kiosks, we have a lot of experience. So if you are interested in our products, you can tell me what size you need. And your requirements, then we can recommend or design a kiosk for you. We have our designer, you can tell us all your ideas, we can design it and send to you confirm. Our price is based on size, material, and style. If you want to know the price, you can tell us what size you want, and send us your favorite kiosk picture, we can give you an estimated price. Our production time is about one month.  If you have any questions, please contact us for more details.

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