Reception table | retail counter | front desk for sale

Reception table | retail counter | front desk for sale

Reception table | retail counter | front desk for sale

Hello. Welcome to our website. Today our topic is the reception desk. We can see that many company halls or hotels have a reception desk. It can receive clients and register visitors well. The front desk must not be shabby, it is also related to the image of the company. So we can customize a reception counter in a special shape or match the overall style of the company. Today I am going to introduce the common but popular front desk. Let’s look at the 3D design picture.

This one length is 10ft. The main color is black and white. Middle with the light logo. It can display your company or your brand. Its function is no different from that of an ordinary reception counter. You can also see the appearance of the design. If you don’t need one this big, you can choose this one.

This one size is 4ft, the same style. It allows only one person to work. We are a custom company, you can decide its size. The reception desk material we use MDF and surface finish is baking paint. We chose glossy paint, so it looks smooth and feels good. Let’s look at production photos.

If you are interested to make the reception desk, you can contact us and tell us all your requirements. We have our professional designer, so we can help you to design it. Then we can confirm its size, color, and shape. You can also put your logo. So the first step is to make the design. If you have any material requirements, you can tell me. We will according to your requirements to arrange everything. Our products like this table, it is not detachable, it is also whole transport. So you don’t need to install it.

Our working process is: 

  1. Make the design first. Before design, you need to pay 300 USD design deposit. It will return to you when we place an order. So the design is free. And it is not one-off designed, we will modify it until you are satisfied.
  2. Confirm design. When we finish the design and construction drawing, we will send it to you to confirm. After confirmed the design, we will start production.
  3. Start production. Our production is according to the construction drawing, so when we sent you this drawing, we need to check it carefully. Because once production begins, it cannot be modified halfway through.
  4. Package. When finish the production, we will send you photos and videos. You can see the products very clearly. Then we will pack. Inside is foam, and outside is a wooden box. Very safe.
  5. Transportation. After packed, we will book the shipping. If you have your forwarder, you can ask them to pick up the goods in our company. If you don’t have a forwarder, we will arrange it all for you.

If you still have any questions, please contact me. I will answer all your doubts.

Contact information:

Cathy Zhang


Whatsapp/number: +86 134 1068 3550