Retail optical shop decoration wooden glasses display cabinets

Retail optical shop decoration wooden glasses display cabinets

Retail optical shop decoration wooden glasses display cabinets

In our daily life, we can see many people wearing glasses. Whether it is a child, youth or elderly. Because the eyes are very important to us when our eyes can’t see the surrounding things normally. We need to use the power of glasses to help us restore our vision. People with myopia account for a large part because we often work and study with our eyes. If we do n’t let it relax or do eye massage in a timely manner. It is easy to cause problems, which makes us unable to see the objects in the distance. This is very dangerous, especially when we are driving. So the glasses are very important. Its sales are also very good because no matter where are nearsighted people. We usually go to the optical shop to buy glasses, the staff will help us with our eyesight, and we customize our glasses. What do you think about optical shop decoration? Today I will share with you the optical shop.


We can see that the furniture in this store is wooden lattice furniture, each lattice can display different types of glasses, and customers can choose their favorite styles. The mirror next to it allows customers to see what they look like when they wear their glasses so they can make faster choices. Each display shelf has a light strip installed, the color of the glasses can be displayed more clearly, it will also look better. A small counter can use as a cashier, customers can pay here can invoice here. You can also put your logo on the wall or furniture, it can develop your brand.

Do you like this optical shop decoration? The best decoration is furniture. It can display glasses or part of the decoration of our store. Only if it looks attractive, the whole store will be attractive. So the choice of furniture is very important.  Do you want to buy some display furniture? If you have a shop, we can make a design first. This way we can know what kind of furniture is suitable for your shop and the overall effect when the furniture is put in the shop. You can send me your floor plan, then we will according to your shop layout to design the furniture and decoration. Our design time is about 3-5 working days. And the design fee is 500-800usd, it depends on the size of your shop. We have our factory, we also can provide the design furniture. The total price is based on the final design. If you have any questions, you can contact me.

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