roll ice cream frozen yogurt kiosk for mall

roll ice cream frozen yogurt kiosk for mall

roll ice cream frozen yogurt kiosk for mall

today one customer from america and ask me about below this set kiosk . this set kiosk is for sell roll ice cream 

and frozen yogurt and it is america customer initial design and final customer production design is for another color version,

first let me send u the design picture . 

the final , we production is based the below versions. only color is different .

he asked me about size and price and i quoted it according our same design , our customer think our price is very expensive, 15*10ft , i offer 10500usd , this is our before order price ,  yes , the price indeed is high ,but not expensive , because our this set kiosk is very worthy of this price , first about materials : whole kiosk wooden part all is solid wood and white part is tiles , you know the solid wood is very high cost , so the price also is high . wha’t more , it is solid wood strips and not solid wood panel, the cost also is more high , because the solid wood stirps is very thinkness and the panel only is thin . 

he don’t undertand and but he think our kiosk indeed is very high-end and looks like is nice feellings . 

i also send it some real production photos and also tell him some project cases about this set kiosk . 

i told him , this set kiosk we made 2 sets for different customers , before one customer from uk and see our design and production photos and fall in love it and custom a set based on our this set kiosk , but change some parts for him personal needs , in final customer like our design and give order , he know our materials and also see our production photos and very believe us . 

about his kiosk some design and produciton photos for enjoy.