Shopping mall attractive wooden chocolate kiosk for sale

Shopping mall attractive wooden chocolate kiosk for sale

Portfolio Description

Do you like chocolate? do you often eat them? why there are more and more people prefer chocolate very much. here I give some nutritional analysis of chocolate as below :

  1. Eating chocolate is beneficial to control the content of cholesterol, maintain the elasticity of capillaries, and have the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases;
  2. The amount of catechin in chocolate is as much as that in tea. Catechin can enhance immunity, prevent cancer, and interfere with blood supply to tumors;
  3. Chocolate can ease depression and make people excited;
  4. Chocolate has a role in concentration, memory and intelligence. Some drivers use chocolate as a spiritual booster to improve their driving ability. Students who take the test can also use it to brain;
  5. Chocolate is an antioxidant food that has a certain effect on delaying aging

That’s why there are many chocolate kiosk display when you go shipping in the mall , today let’s see below this attractive chocolate kiosk for sale to you :

Description about this chocolate kiosk for sale

  1. Size:10*10 ft
  2. Material: Plywood
  3. Finish: Fireproof board
  4. Counter top: Man made stone
  5. Logo: Acrylic 3D
  6. Hardware: lock, slider
  7. Other material: light strip, glass, mirrors, ceramic sink, stainless steel, etc.

Do you like this chocolate kiosk design as this one, no problem just let me know your shop space and food machines size . and if you have any other design request like logo,color,any special request .you can share with us freely. and then our designer team will custom new one based on your all request.

Shenzhen Unique Custom furniture factory is the first one to manufacture the food kiosk in Shenzhen.we have our own designer team with rich furniture experience and use your space reasonably and to the maximum extent .our factory manily product the mall kiosk and shop display furniture like jewelry , watch , sunglasses, clothes and shoes , handbages ,mobile phone and salon shop , and the food . if you have any plan and request about our kiosk , pls feel free to let our sales know .