Shopping mall bubble tea kiosk customize ice cream display showcase

Shopping mall bubble tea kiosk customize ice cream display showcase

As we all know, bubble tea and ice cream are very popular products for among young people and some kids. Bubble tea is a combination of tea and milk. The taste is mellow, add a few pearl, let a person fondle admiringly simply. Ice cream have many flavor and color, looks beautiful. It’s an essential summer delicacy. No matter which country, we can see them in the streets. If you want to start business, you can choose to sell bubble tea and ice cream. It sells well in busy markets or shopping malls. But consider the weather outside, the mall is a good place. We also can see there have many kiosks in the shopping mall, it can sell all kinds of things. Today i’d like to share a bubble tea/ice cream kiosk to you. Let’s look at its function.

It looks simple, but complete. The most obvious is the bubble tea model, you don’t have to go near to find out what it does. It’s sell bubble tea. The kiosk front have a light box poster, put a menu, we can know which products are available and make choices. When there are many guests, we can prepare 2 cash registers. The kiosk inside can put refrigerator and some other machines. For bubble tea and ice cream, sink is essential. We have many things to clean.

Back side can put your logo to display your brand. Light box painting is a basic feature of every kiosks. It can add a lot of luster to the kiosk.If you want to make a bubble tea kiosk, you can tell me what machines you have, so we can leave a space and design a model in the there.

Let’s look at this kiosk’s details. This kiosk size is 18x10ft, materials are plywood and MDF, surface finish is baking paint and laminate. Work counter is made of man-made stone, very easy to clean and durable. It can help you work better.The logo is made by acrylic, you can do luminous, or not luminous.The accessories of the kiosk, logo,light box poster and power outlet will be installed. Everything will be ready, when you received the kiosk,you just need to put them together them connect the power supply, then it can work.

Are you interested in it? If you have any question, you can contact us all the time. If you want to make a kiosk, tell me the space you get from the mall, tell me your business and requirements.We will design and produce the kiosk that you are satisfied with. Design time is about 3 days, production time is about 25 days when we confirm the technical drawing. We can arrange the shipment. We can serve you from beginning to end.

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  • October 9, 2019