Shopping mall children’s make up kiosk

Shopping mall children’s make up kiosk

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  • November 1, 2019

Present era, makeup isn’t just for adults. It is also very common for children to wear makeup. But unlike adults. Makeup in the 21st century is a culture, is respect for other, is a way to improve their self-confidence. Kids are different, they’re full of energy without makeup. Moreover, children’s long-term exposure to cosmetics is not good for their growth. So, what’s the point of our makeup kiosk? Children’s don’t need makeup, it doesn’t mean they don’t wear makeup. As we all know, there will be many shows in the kindergarten. A lot of kinds need to go up and do the show. So they need some simple decorations. And the cosmetics are also different from the adult cosmetics, it’s relatively safe for kids. Now let’s look at this children’s makeup kiosk.

This is a little kiosk, Inside just can 3 seats, it can make up two or three children at the same time. But the adults who make up the children can only stand. There’s a little cash register up front. We know that the shopping mall sometimes have some joint performace. There were some children’s performances. So this kiosk has a great advantage in the shopping mall. The inside 2 walls have display unit. You can put some decoration. Such as applique, wigs or hairpins etc. The top is your logo or some publicity pictures. What do you think this kiosk? Do you have some ore better ideas?If you are interested in it and also want to make a kiosk, you can find us and tell us your requirements. Most people who want to build kiosks are people who have space in the mall.

When you get the space, you can tell me your space size and your requirements, then we will according to your requiremenst to design your kiosk. When confirm the design, we will start the production. You only need to pay 300USD for the design fee up front. This design will modify until you are satisfied. After finalizing the final design, we will give you the price of your kiosk. Then you need to pay 50% deposit, we will start this project. And before shipment pay 50% balance payment, and the 300usd design fee will deduct from your balance payment. So the design is free. No matter where you go, there’s an upfront fee to build a custom kiosk.

About the material, we usually use MDF and baking paint. If your mall has a material requirement, we can according to your mall guide to do this kiosk. You can sent our design for approval. If the mall has any comments, we can modify it until it passes the review. If you have any questions,please feel free to come to us. Let’s cooperate happily.