Small ice cream shop design custom the working counter

Small ice cream shop design custom the working counter

Hi, do you want to start your small business? Today i want to introduce a small ice cream shop. If your shop is not have enough interspace but you want to use it to sell your ice cream. You can just make a counter cabinet. Like this below picture.

The front side you can put your ice cream machine or other big machine, and the back size you can put some small machine , just like the juice machine, it can put on the table-board directly. And the wall side have a sink, you can wash your hand or wash fruits. About the decoration, you can make some light box like the picture show or some patterning. This shop is very simple, but it looks not bad. It’s perfect for people who work in small shops.

If you think it’s too simple, you also can make some beautiful ceiling lamp. Or make some color or pattern to your bar counter body. If you want to design a shop like this and make this type counter. You can tell us your shop and machine size, because the machines in front are embedded in the counter. We need to know the specific size to deign their space. If you have your ideas to decoration the shop, you also can tell us, we will design a new bar counter for you. The bar counter material can be plywood and laminate. The price is based on the bar counter style and size.

If you want to know the whole shop costs, you can make the design first, because the price is based on the final design. We will according to the bar counter style and size, the number of the light box painting and the decoration to give you the exact price. So it’s very necessary to do the design. We will according to your shop size to charge the design fee, it’s 300-500$. It will return to you when we place an order, so the design is free. It just like the design deposit. When finish the design, we will sent the 3d design photos to you, you can see the whole shop layout and decoration very clearly, and we will according to design to give you the price list. You will know the price for each part.

Please contact us if you want to design your shop. We will answer all your doubts.

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  • June 26, 2019