Specially design car shape food kiosk customize the hot dog display showcase

Specially design car shape food kiosk customize the hot dog display showcase

Good morning! I am sure you’ve seen a lot of mall kiosks. But have you ever seen a kiosk shaped like a car? You must be curious about what a car kiosk looks like, right? Today i will share this car shape kiosk to you. If you like this kiosk, you also can contact us to talk about more details. Now let’s look at this car shape kiosk.

3D design drawing


It looks very cool right? If i also do the food business, i am sure i will buy one. Because it is very attractive. The right side is a shaped of car, you can put the cake display cabinet, it has glass display, and the shape is similar as the windshield of a car. The left is 2 rest areas, customers can seat down is there to eat their food or drinks. The kiosk body is completely the shape of the car. Inside is work counter, you can put some machines to help your work. Such as coffee machines.juice machines or hot dog machine. And the counter also can install the sink to clean the food or hand. We can make some sockets in the counter or in the cabinets. There have an under counter fridge. You can put some drinks in it and sell.

The inside counter cabinet can storage some stock or some tools. This is a full kiosk, it has everything you need. And it have a very attractive shape. I believe it can attract many customers. This one is about 4x2m, we can according to your size to design it. Whatever big car or small car. If you want to do it, you can contact us, you can build your own food kiosk. The shape, color, size and decoration. We are professional mall kiosks manufacturer,have our own factory, all of our products are make from our factory. You can keep track of production.

This car kiosk is made of MDF and baking paint, we use glossy baking paint, it can make the kiosk shiny and the effect looks very nice. The countertop we use stone, it is smooth and easy to clean. Tempered glass can be used as a protective cover. It is very durable. I know you are very interested in the price. Our products price is based on the size ,material and style. If you have different size or shape, the price may be different. The price of the car kiosk i introduced today is approximately 6800usd.

If you want to make a similar one, you need to tell us your size. We will deisgn it to meet your business. So if you have a space in the mall, and you are interested in this shape kiosk, you can contact us, we will according to your size and requirements to design a new one to you.

Production time is about 28 days when we confirm the construction drawing. Before production, we need to make the deisgn first, we need to confirm all the details through design drawing. And you need to pay 300USD to make the deisgn. When we place an order, it will return to your balance payment. If you also have any questions, please contact us to learn more.