Street outdoor candy cart /used candy cart for sale

Street outdoor candy cart /used candy cart for sale

Street  outdoor  candy cart/used candy cart for sale


 1. Factory direct sale, pull-type diners, mobile kitchen, hitched to peddle car, big food

 2. FRP is a kind of pull-type mobile dining car, is my company specially for foreign customers to build a new car sales. Mainly suitable  for  long-distance traction vending, mobile convenience, the volume is big, the function is all ready.

 3. New diners, body material use whole piece of high-strength FRP materials of environmental protection

 4. Roof, sides, adopt the whole piece of glass plate, embedded skeleton and populate the middle insulation materials, a total thickness of   50 mm.

 5. Interior floor, use whole piece of rubber non-slip, fire prevention, rubber floor

 6.Site materials channel steel, square steel welding, and coated with anti-rust paint protection.

 7. Double axle, electronic brake protection system, Standard configuration 15 inch tyres


 II.Details of candy cart:


Two wheels with the 4rd small wheel in front.


integral steel frame construction and suspension components treated with rust resistant protective coating.


Cart Flooring

Non-slip flooring (aluminum) with drain, easy to clean up.

Electric accessories

Lighting device, socket, voltage governor, fuse/connecting box and external cables available.