Top-end fried yogurt sales bar counter mall kiosk to USA

Top-end fried yogurt sales bar counter mall kiosk to USA

Basic information for fried yogurt kiosk:

  • Size: 15 by 10ft(according to the size of your place to customize)
  • Color: dark grey brown and grain.
  • Style: modern and fresh
  • Material: Plywood, solid wood, acrylic, stainless steel, tempered glass and ceramic tile.
  • Surface material: laminate, solid wood,wood veneer, stone
  • Machine equipment: customer provide, or if customer agree, we can help to buy as requested.

3D MAX design for fried yogurt kiosk:


For this fried yogurt kiosk design, the whole style is elegant. No attractive and hot colors.Simply, just made of dark gray with a little brown and white. And skirt toe with white LED light. Used many ceramic tiles to decorate walls and the front of counters. So the kiosk is very strong and durable use.

Kindly note:

How to make a perfect 3D MAX design for mall food kiosk?

Before design, need know the place size and location photos in mall.Then we can know where is the kiosk and how look its around. And need you provide machine picture and pictures as well. Then we can add these machine equipment in 3D MAX design, and to show reasonable layout.   

In order to serve you better and build a nice cooperation, ususally we need charge 300usd-500usd (depends on size) as design deposit, but will refund after order.

Production photos of fried yogurt kiosk.

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