Tradition classic shopping mall jewellrey display kiosk

Tradition classic shopping mall jewellrey display kiosk

As we all know, now jewelry is very common in our life. And more and more people like to wear jewelry, such as necklaces or rings. Jewelry looks very beautiful and luxury. I can imcrease a women’s attractiveness. Shakespeare said: Jewelry is slient, but it can touch women’s hearts more than any language. Women who wear jewelry are elegant and independent and thry are always confident and clam. Brilliant jwewlry accompained them to attend various important occasions, the first speech, the first meeting ect. So it’s a way of decorating yourself.

In the shopping mall, we can see many kiosks in there. And jewelry kiosk is the most popular one. Let’s look at the one of the classic jewelry kiosk.

This is the tradition kiosk of jewelry. The shape is a very common square. 4 corners is the high jewelry display cabinet. The show part is made of tempered glass, very durable. Each cabinet body have 2 light boxes poster put the products pictures. You can tell at a glance what the kiosk for. Other display cabinets are of regular size, usually of a height of 0.9-1m. The cabinet body is put the logos, it also can display your brand. The cabinet has a lot of storage inside, It with lock and key. You can put your stock in the cabinet.

This kiosk is made of medium density fiberboard, surface finish is baking painting. Workmanship is good.Let’s look at the production photos.

We can make it the same as the design pictures. So if you want to custom your jewelry kiosk, you can contact us. The price is based on the style and size. The price range is 6000-7500 USD. Design fee is 300USD, when we place an order,it will return to you. We are export company, we can ship our products to all the countries. So you can feel free to place an order with us.

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  • July 5, 2019