UK project laminate retail nail mall kiosk for sale

UK project laminate retail nail mall kiosk for sale

Are you plan to open a new nail mall kiosk for sale in 2020? are you worry about how to decorate your shop now ? just find us a Unique factory. which our factory is a Leading Manufacturer of mall commercial display and Store Fixtures in China, Our design concept and ideas to our fabrication and build process makes install easy and safe. We have the best price and low-cost display of commercial furniture and had a good reputation for customers.our products are mainly shipped to UK, USA, Australia, Canada countries. Today I would like to share a nail mall kiosk for sale to all of you which is located in LONDON UK mall now.

-Here is nail mall kiosk for sale info:

size:3m by 2m

material: plywood with laminate and wood floor

layout: 2 seats and 1 cashier counter and one display counter with the tower TV show

feature: plain and simple

build timeslice: 20-22 working days

shipping: 18-35 days, depends on which port.

Real large production image from our factory :

As we can see this nail kiosk is very simple, its size is 3*2 meters. it is made of plywood with laminate. to be honesty for nail kiosk normally we use MDF with baking paint because the MDF surface is very smooth and easy to paint with different colors. Under what circumstances do we use plywood with laminate. as some shopping mall request is very strictly requested like Westfield, GGP or Simon mall . so we must help our customers to meet their requests. so we have to change the material like plywood with laminate. of course, if your mall has any other request .we can help you based on your needs.

How to customized the mall nail kiosk with us ?

  • contact us, tell us your requirements ( kiosk size, layout, color, logo, etc)
  • pay $300-$400 for 3d design. our designer starts to design for u.
  • discuss and modify the design to meet the mall requests.
  • finalize design and quote price.
  • agree with the price and pay a 50% deposit before production.
  • pay balance before shipment.
  • contact us if you need after-sale service.