Unique supply candy store equipment 3d design sweet shop

Unique supply candy store equipment 3d design sweet shop

Unique supply candy store equipment 3d design sweet shop

Hey! How are you? Do you wat candy today? When I think about it, I seem to find that I haven’t eaten candy for many years. Remember when I was a child I like to eat candies, after growing up suddenly not very like to eat sweet things. It was weird. And I don’t know why. Do you feel the same way? Now when I see a candy store, I always think of childhood and have many memories. Children are simple and happy, and I hope we are, too. Speaking back to the candy store. It is very attractive. It has many colors and many interesting furniture or toys. Kids love candies store. And it is very popular. If we want to open a candy store, we can also design it very attractive. We can see some designs.

We can see many colors in the candy shop, very beautiful. Even adults are attracted to them. In fact, the candy store can not only sell candy, but also sell some small gifts or toys, which will expand our customer base. Is that what you imagine a candy store to be like? If you want to open a candy store, you can refer to some of these candy stores. If you have your idea, you can tell me. We can turn your ideas into designs. You can send me your shop floor plan, we will according to your size and your requirements to design your shop.

We have our own factory, when we make furniture, you can always see the condition of your goods. Our production is very very transparent and you can monitor the whole process at any time.

Furniture details

Material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking paint

Size: Customize

Our design time is about 3-5 working days, the design fee is 500 USD, when we place an order, it will be returned to you. Production time is about 28 working days when we confirming the construction drawing. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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