Spicy Kiosk | USA shopping mall custom wooden spicy kiosk for sale

Spicy Kiosk | USA shopping mall custom wooden spicy kiosk for sale

Hello everyone, do you know details of spicy ? Spice, which is the raw material of fragrant . It is a substance that can be smelled by smell.And it is a raw material use to prepare flavor. Most of the spices cannot  use alone, except for individual varieties.And it  is divided into a natural fragrance and an artificial fragrance,  the natural fragrance includes an animal natural.Fragrance and a vegetable natural fragrance; the artificial fragrance includes a single fragrance and a synthetic fragrance.Today more and more merchants are tend to spice business . here share one of our latest spicy kiosk for sale design to you as below :

Details information of the spicy kiosk for sale as below :

  • size : 4*2.5 meter
  • materials : MDF with high gloss baking paint , tempered glass ,stone on top
  • color : light yellow,grey and white counter stone on top
  • accessories: 3d logo, led box ,toppings and hardware,water sink and so on .


1). What is the price about this spicy kiosk ?

If you need customized product, please give us more details of your requirements.like your shop size and design image reference

2).What is the shipping freight?

Please tell us the nearest port first, and then the cost will be informed.

3). What is the production time?

It takes about 18-22 working days after the order confirmed.

4). Do you provide samples?

We can send material sample to you if needed .

5). Can we change the design and add our logo?

The design can be changed, our design team can make a new one as your request, and surely can add your logo.

6). Can we have a customized kiosk or showcase?

yes, our factory is mainly doing customized shopfitting and commercial furniture .

7). Is it very difficult to assemble when i receive the shop fitting?

we build the shop fitting and mall kiosk based on the construction drawings you confirmed, and we have pre-build all the electricity and lights inside , just need to put each cabinet together and join the wiring,very easy .