Utility wooden coffee cart with purple top for sale

Utility wooden coffee cart with purple top for sale

Utility wooden coffee cart with purple top for sale

Nowadays more and more people like to start their own business. And they all choose some of the more popular food businesses. For example, they will choose to sell cakes, corn, bread, bubble tea, juice, coffee, etc. If you want to do a low cost, fast return business. And have the freedom to go wherever you want. I think a food cart would be perfect for you. Just like this utility wooden coffee cart with a purple top below.

Coffee cart with purple top

coffee showcase

As we can see this is very utility and beautiful wooden coffee cart with top. On the front side of the coffee cart, there are some glass cases for holding coffee materials and coffee machines on the countertops. So customers can freely choose the coffee flavor they like, and drink freshly made coffee.

You can put a POS machine on the left and a menu light box on the right. This not only makes it easier for customers to check out, but also allows them to know the details of the price. And there is a refrigerator at the back of the car. You can put some other drinks in the refrigerator. So, in addition to satisfying the customers who want to drink coffee. You can also satisfy other types of customers.

Also, the purple & unique top and logo, look very elegant and beautiful. It is very easy to attract people’s attention. Certainly, this coffee trolley has four big wheels. So you can push it wherever you want to start your business. 

coffee shop

More details

  1. Size: 1.8x1x2,2m/based on your needs
  2. Color: purple, yellow, brown and wood color/made by you like
  3. Materials: Plywood, laminate, acrylic logo, light box
  4. OEM/ODM: Available
  5. Certification: ISO,CE
  6. Design time: 3-5 working days
  7. Logo: your logo
  8. Production time: 20-25 working days
  9. Payment: T/T or Western Union (50% deposit before production, 50% balance before shipping)
  10. Packing: foam inside and wooden box outside

Do you like the coffee cart above? And do you want to make a special and beautiful food cart? If so, please contact us soon. We can customize an exclusive food cart for you according to your requirements.