VR display kiosk | shopping mall VR reception desk for sale

VR display kiosk | shopping mall VR reception desk for sale

VR retail stand | display booth/kiosk in the shopping mall

Hello, have you ever played VR? VR’s full name is Virtual Reality. It can make virtual things very real. It can give us visual stimulation. We can offen see them in shopping malls. They don’t have much space, but they attract a lot of people. I’ve done it a few times, and it is really exciting, my friends shouted in horror. If you areinterested, you can try. OK, today i will introduce you a VR kiosk in the mall. Let’s have a look.

It looks very beautiful right? VR reception desk with VR letter shape. And the color match. The middle is VR machine. There also have a TV, you can show your VR project list. People can chooce the project they like. Look at this kiosk design? What do you think?

We have our designer team, so you can tell me all your ideas and all the requirements of the kiosk. We can according to your location size, your requirements and your machines to design the kiosk you like. The above design is according to the reference picture sent to us by the customer. We provide the design drawing and sonstruction drawing, when we finish, you can take it to your mall for review. When you want to design, you can sent us a reference picture, then we will know what type you like. We also can give yoou the estimated price. The final price is based on the final design, so it is very important and necessary to make a design at the beginning. It can help us confirm more details.If you have your designer, you do it by yourself, if you don’t have design, we can help you make it. If you have any comments on our current design, you can also bring it up.

Kiosk Details

Basic Material
Surface Finish
Baking paint
Tempered glass
Light logo
light boxes poster, lock, key


Considering the transportation problem, we had to split the kiosk into several parts. When packing, there are several wooden cases. When you receive the goods, you can put them together according to the location of the design drawing. Then connect the wires,and connect the power to the mall, it can work. So this process is very easy. Whether it is the sink, the logo, light box or the socket, we’ve already installed it. The socket is the standard to use in your country. We will follow the satandard of your country, so it is safe to use.

Production Photos

How to order

Dear customer, followings are some steps for your reference, hope it can make help for you:

1-You need to contact our sales to discuss your specific requirement regarding the kiosk

2- Our design team create and revise the design according to your personal requests.(300usd design deposit, it will return to you when we place an order)

3-We sign the contract after the design has been approved.

4-50% as the production deposit should be sent.

5- We build the custom kiosk according to the approved design.

6- Quality inspection.

7- We make package.

8- You arrange the balance.

9- Arrange shipping for you.

10- We provide technique guide service for you.

Do you want to make a display kiosk like this? If you are going to make mall kiosk to start your business, please contact me on time. We can design and customize a new mall kiosk for you according to your needs.