White and red 3500mmL*1500mmW cell phone kiosk for sale

White and red 3500mmL*1500mmW cell phone kiosk for sale

White and red 3500mmL*1500mmW cell phone kiosk for sale

As we all know, mobile phones have a great influence on our life. We can use mobile phones to communicate with people, watch news, play games, pay fees and so on. It is so versatile and convenient. So many merchants want to do mobile phone business. That’s why we can see all kinds of mobile phone shops and cell phone kiosk everywhere.

If you are interested in the mobile phone business, and this is your first time to start a business, I think the cell phone kiosk is very appropriate. Not only will a mobile phone showcase save you money, it will allow you to pay back your money quickly and increase your sales in the short term. Just like the white and red cell phone kiosk below.

Popular cell phone kiosk introduction

This is a very fashionable and popular mobile phone showcase. And it is also the one we just shipped to Houston, USA last week. According to the requirements of our customer, we made it into a white and red mobile phone showcase with the size of 3500x1500mm.

Besides, since the customer’s cell phone business is not only selling mobile phones, but also selling mobile phone accessories and providing mobile phone repair services. We made two different types aluminum slot counters with hooks to display cell phone accessories. And two mobile phone repair desks.

And in order to make the kiosk more outstanding and attractive, we also install light boxes, TV and 3D logo. Of course, the cash register is also necessary.

3D images display

The 3D images can show you the kiosk color, layout, style directly. If you need, we can also change them to make it better. Our designer will do some changes for you according to your requirements.

cell phone showcasemobile phone kiosk

No matter how much space you have in the shopping center, Shenzhen Unique Furniture Co., Ltd. can customize a unique and attractive cell phone kiosk for you according to your needs. So please feel free to contact us, we are always ready for you.