Wooden cellphone shell display cart mobile phone accessories kiosk

Wooden cellphone shell display cart mobile phone accessories kiosk

Hello, we meet again. I believe you all know the good things i want to share today. Maybe you are in this industry, so you are interested in what it is like. We all knoe that with the discovery of the mobile phone industry, mobile phone accessories are also indispensable. Like cell phone shell and cell phone charging line. They can sell without the phone, which means you can sell only the shell and not the phone. OK, let’s look at its shape and pictures.

We can see this kiosk, the space it can take is very large.So it can show many cellphone shell. We know that there are a lot of patterns on mobile phone shell. There are words, patterns and some can even be customized, so it is very popular. Look at this kiosk, you can show them in many different types. It has a lot of display space and a lot of storage space. This kind of kiosk design is really very good. The top roof with light, people can see them very clearly. Even at night, people can easy to pick and choose. It is suitable for outdoor as well as indoor.


This kiosk also have work area and cash area. If people want to customize cellphone shell, they can provide their favorite picture, then you can use machine to print it out. People can get the cellphone shell they want. This one is very popular. It’s very convenience and it’s very cheap.

This one is made of plywood and laminate. It is fire resistant. And its effect looks very good. This kiosk size is 1920x1220mm. Price is about 3200USD. So it is very good price. If you are interested in it, you can make a similar one according to your size and your requirements. You can show you products, develop your brand. To be more expensive than a shop rent, we can choose to make such a small cart to start our business.

We are professional kiosk manufacturer. We can design and customize the kiosk accoring to your requirments. If you use the kiosk in mall, and you kiosk need the mall’s approval. You cand find us to make a design first. When we finish the design, you can sent to your mall to get the approval, then we can start production. If you have any questions, please contact us.