Wooden custom fashionable style eyebrow kiosk design for sale in mall

Wooden custom fashionable style eyebrow kiosk design for sale in mall

Wooden custom fashionable style eyebrow kiosk design for sale in mall

Eyebrows are the frames of our eyes. They add strength and play a decisive role in your facial expression. Even if you don’t wear makeup, if you have your eyebrows trimmed regularly, your whole face will look very shapely. So a lot of people pay attention to the adornment of eyebrow very much. If you build an attractive eyebrow kiosk and rent a high-traffic location in the mall, your business will be very successful. Below is a wooden fashion eyebrow kiosk for your reference.eyebrow kiosk

Quick detailed:

  • Size: 3m by 2m/customized based on your needs
  • Color: White, black and brick red/customized you like
  • Material: MDF with baking white and black paint, solid wood strip
  • Other: Acrylic logo, posters light boxes, advertising TV

This eyebrow kiosk is very fashion and fascinating. Because it has some white and brick red solid wood strips decoration. This makes eyebrow showcase more high end and attractive.

And this kiosk includes three stations for eyebrow threading, a checkout counter and a rest area for customers. The kiosk also has some lightboxes with posters and TV on the outside. You can use them to play pictures and videos to promote your product and severce.

eyebrow shop

How to start eyebrow kiosk business

Firstly, you need to find a location in the mall. And discuss with the mall manager to determine the size of the site. Secondly, you can tell us the location size, what style, color you like and other special requirements at will. And you can also send us your logo.

Thirdly, we will make a 3D design of eyebrow kiosk for you when we received 300usd design fee. The design time is within 3-5 working days. And when you check the design, you have some changes, we will revise it soon. Finally, when we confirm the final 3D design, we will prepare for making construction drawing. All the details of eyebrow showcase will include in construction drawing. Suce as detailed size, color, material, power drawing, floor plan, etc. And then you can provide it to the mall for approval.