Wooden pharmacy interior racks retail drugstore counter

Wooden pharmacy interior racks retail drugstore counter

Wooden pharmacy interior display cabinet retail drugstore counter showcase design for sale

Speaking to pharmacy store, i am sure you’re all familiar with it. Because pharmacies are everywhere now. It can not only sell medicine, but also sell skin care product or tonic. Have you ever noticed the display furniture in the pharmacy? We can see it almost display racks. Because of the variety and complexity of medicine, it needed furniture with a large capacity to display them. Not only that, it’s easy to sort. You just need to stick the label on the shelf. Ok, let’s look at this pharmacy interior racks.

2. Detailed descriptions:

ItemWooden pharmacy interior display cabinet retail drugstorecounter showcase design
Materials List Plywood, Laminate, Led Lightings, Hardware
SizeAccording to the store size
UsageShopping Mall, Retail store
ApplicationWooden pharmacy interior racks
PackageEPE Cotton+Bubble Pack+Wooden Box
DesignCAD, 3D Max, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, Sketchup 
Delivery Time It depends on your nearest port
PaymentT/T 50% Deposit, T/T 50% Before Shipping, Trade Assurance, Western Union

This store inside is very clearly, it has wall racks and the cashier counter.  The store design is based on the customer’s shop floor plan and his requirements. All of the furniture can produce according to the design drawing. If you have your own shop, we can also help you to design it.You tell me your ideas, we make it with 3D design. Design fee is about 500USD for a store. When we place an order, it will be retturned to you. So the design is free. The order amount is based on the final design. Because we need to according to your furniture quantity and size or shape to give you price.

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