Process of Backing Showcase Production

Process of Backing Showcase Production

Paint production process cumbersome and complicated process though , but this produced a display cabinet , either in appearance or style in the overall grade are all better than many other display cabinets , the following display cabinet Laijiangjiang paint production processes.

1 wooden surface contaminated construction norms
When primary treatment , in addition to cleaning up the debris outside the grassroots , but also for local putty embedded complement , playing along grain sandpaper when sanding . Before brushing the surface layer , the application of a larger color paint flakes and lignans knots at the back cover . After the base oil dry, full- scraping putty first pass , dry sanding by hand , then make high strength putty , putty to pick the wire does not fall prevail. When brushing the surface layer of paint should be polished with fine sandpaper .

2 construction specifications brushing edible vegetable oil
Brushing the grass is an important step polished varnish , wood surface should first be dust , oil and other impurities removed. Oil powder varnish on the Run is also an important step brushing , when applied on the surface of wood construction with cotton yarn dipped in oil powder , rub back and forth by hand , rub the oil into the flour timber eye observation . When brushing edible vegetable oil , oil brush to be relaxed hand , fingers gently force , not loose time to move , can not afford to brush prevail.

3 varnish construction process :
→ sanding paper to clean wood surface polish pink parked on the Run → → → sanding sandpaper scraping over the first pass putty, sanded second time → full scraping putty, fine sanded → → brushing oil color brush varnish first pass → fight looking up putty color reproduction , fine sanded → second time varnish brush , fine sandpaper polished third time → brush varnish polish → water back light sanding , waxing and polishing .

4 mixing paint application process:
First clean the dust grass surface , grass patch with matte paper → → tie knots at play putty primer paint flakes → → → First fill the putty paint -drying polish → → → brushing primer primer dry brushing the surface hard → → → re- fill putty repair polished wipe the third , the second time over the finish brushing paint finish third time → → → polish polishing and waxing .





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