Proecedure for food kiosk manufacturing .

Proecedure for food kiosk manufacturing .

If you are a foreigner who ordered a food kiosk in China may want to know the process of food kiosk manufacture. There are two suggestions, first, you can come to China to supervise it, or you can surf the Internet and get some knowledge. If you still have no idea, please refer to this article, it will be of use.

  Step one: Cutting. After order confirmation, we have to arrange the material for the food kioskm and cut it according to the technical drawing.

  Step Two: Building the body. After the material is ready, then it comes to build the food kiosk body according to construction drawing. and paste the laminate on the surface.

  Step Three: Wiring. When the main food kiosk is ready, the electrician will wire the kiosk, and install sockets where you want to, and leave the main head outside for you to connect the incoming electricity.

  Step Four: glass and light box installing

  Step Five: Food kiosk cleaning

This above mentioned is the main step we do during production.

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Date: 28. 06. 2014

Editor: Christine Su

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